Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Comparing PCR

PCR vs Vector cloning

Similarity – Both uses gel electrophoresis to locate the desired gene.  
They both are used to create huge quantities of DNA.
Difference –Vector cloning uses plasmid, bacteria, ands REs. PCR uses Taq polymerase, dNTP, ddNTP.
Vector cloning involves multiple steps and is not as quick as PCR.
PCR creates lot of DNA sequence, while Vector cloning creates modified bacteria containing the genes to create the desired proteins.
PCR  vs DNA sequence

Similarity – both uses gel electrophoresis to identify the fragments.
Both uses dNTP to create large quantity of DNA sequence.
Both uses heating and cooling.
Difference – PCR tries to create a lot of the target sequence. DNA sequence tries to determine the sequence of ATGC.
DNA sequence uses small amount of ddNTP to create DNA fragment of different length, While PCR only uses dNTP to create complete fragment.

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