Sunday, 4 December 2011

The jelly fish story

A few weeks ago I went on a fieldtrip to the ROM with my biology class. It was a fun trip. I got to see many interesting creatures. We even attended a lecture where the two Gairdner award winners - Adrian Bird and Robert black - both presented their work. That presentation was in the morning, and after lunch the class went to the ROM (royal Ontario museum). The rom itself was very interesting there were many animals on display. We even saw dinosaur bones. During the visite, we got divided into two groups. Mine group had the male tour guide. He told us many interesting story. The story that made me LOL the most was the jellyfish story.
Jelly fish are taking over the sea. That’s the basis of the jelly fish story. Due to climate change the temperature of the water is increasing. The warmer sea provides a better environment for the jellyfish to reproduce. The huge jellyfish number causes many problems in the marine ecosystem. The jelly fish feeds on many small organisms in the sea. This decreases food available for some of the larger predator in the sea such as the whale and shark. Also, the increase number of jelly fish is killing off the fish that we eat. This is hurting the fish industries. Thinking they’re smart fisheries decide to do something about the jellyfish. This is where the funny part occurs. In japan the fishers decided to kill the giant jellyfish that inhabits the sea by cutting them up with wires. However they did not realize that the giant jellyfish drops its eggs when it’s in distress.  When the fishers started killing the giant jellyfish, more eggs dropped on to the sea bed. In addition, with most of the fishes dead due to the jellyfish invasion, no fish are available to eat the eggs. As a result, the jellyfish number increased instead of decreased.

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