Sunday, 20 November 2011

Sharkwater response

In the past I had watched something similar to the movie “sharkwater”, it is called “Gordon Ramsay: Shark Bait”.  Gordon Ramsay goes on a similar journey like Rob Stewart did to find out the secret behind the shark hunting industries. Both of these documentaries shocked me but considering human nature’s aptitude for destruction it did not surprise me. Frankly, I believe that this sort of fishing is disgusting and should be banned. I am one of those Chinese- Canadian that don’t feel shark fin soup is part of the culture. I have personally never had shark fin soup and I probably never will.

I can understand why there are complaints filed against the Toronto’s shark fin ban because it takes away a tradition. However, when the said tradition involves the merciless killing of an endangered animal and the destruction of an ecosystem I don’t think that’s acceptable anymore. Another reason why people might complain is because by banning shark fin, you’re removing a very large industry that produces a lot of profit. However I don’t think that’s a valid reason because the profit only benefits the people involved in the industry. Also, the shark fin industry is already delving into the illegal territory so it’s not bad to ban the shark fin soup.  

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