Sunday, 4 December 2011

The cove questions

2. Where is the dolphin slaughter taking place (city and country?)
Taiji, Japan.
7. Why are small islands n Caribbean supporting whaling?
Japan bribes/offer them with financial support.
12. What toxic substance is found in dolphin meat?
15. The main character and his group to pay the fisherman the same price they get from killing the dolphin if they stop. Why do they refuse?
Because it’s their tradition. Also, because they believe that it is pest control (not sure whether its by their own volition or the government telling them so).
19. The deputy of fisheries claims that the dolphins are killed humanly. What does one of the crew members do when he says this?
The crew member shows the deputy the video that they recorded of the merciless slaughter of the dolphin. Which shocks and silences the deputy.

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