Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Pig Dissection

Dissecting a pig was a pretty interesting experience for me. It reminded me of the rat dissection in grade 11.  I had a lot of fun cutting the pig up. Unfortunately my group does not have the camera necessary to document our dissection, so I’ll be using pictures from another group to show off the insides of the pig. My group and I first cut open the abdominal cavity with our scissor and scalpel. We then rip the membrane and successfully extracted the abdominal organs.  We saw the stomach, intestine, kidneys and pancreases. We even stretched the intestine, it was surprisingly long. We also cut/crack open the cranial and extracted the brain. I think my group was the most nervous group when extracting the brain, because everyone on in the group was screaming when the brain was removed. Overall the dissection was successful, and I had a lot of fun.

(Thanks Angela, James, Tiange and Jannel's group for the picture)

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